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Covid-19 Reaction

With the ever changing and evolving covid-19 event many companies are reaching out to their customers, clients and employees to let them know how the organization is dealing with the disruptions.

We’ve helped a few of our clients through this process and the following have proven to be effective for them:

Truth is, unless you are processing credit card transactions or have a user login area an SSL isn’t required. However, your site (and your sales) will benefit from an SSL. Let me explain.

Drip, Drip, Drip.

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Drip campaigns, also known as lead nurturing, are a proven method for turning prospects into customers. They’re based around an automated set of pre-written emails that provide relevant content to prospects, while moving them through the buying process. Depending on how the prospect interacts with the various elements of the email, the sales team can enter the process at the right time and with the right information to close the sale.